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Bicester’s First Sunday Scramble Of 2018

Bicester Sunday Scramble Porsche 911

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, the first Sunday in January, the coldest Sunday in January. This was Bicester’s massively popular Sunday Scramble. Being a World War II Airfield, the Bicester Heritage site is extremely photogenic but extremely exposed to wind chill. As you walk into the main area of the site you quickly realise you are enting a classic car mecca. All the roadways linking the old airfield support buildings were lined with classics of all types. The buildings are a mix of large hangers and smaller workshops. Each of these beautifully restored buildings has become home for specialist heritage companies and they are all open to showcase their skills and their sort after inhabitants.

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Bicester Sunday Scramble 2018

Bicester Sunday Scramble 2018

London To Sydney Rally Ready Landcrab

These guys are restoring and prepaing some of the top classic racers in the country, including this London To Mexico Ex-works Landcrab above.

Porsche 911 RSR At Bicester Sunday Scramble

One of the large hangers had been emptied out to make way for the Porsche GB Club. The club did a great job filling it with every type of Porsche, old and new.

Porsche Club GB At Bicester Sunday Scramble Porsche Club GB 928 At Bicester

There were 911s everywhere.

It wasn’t just Porsches though, there were plenty of exotics hiding around every corner.

It wasn’t just the super rare, exotics though.

The Minis are always a favourite of mine, as you would expect there was a smattering of race prep’d early Coopers but there where also more modern engine swapped monsters…


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