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Collectors Stories Of Discovering Lost Classics

1968 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 Discovered in Africa
1968 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 Discovered in Africa

Discovering a dusty, forgotten classic in the back of a barn, shed or scrapyard is the dream of amateur and professional car collectors the world over. The financial rewards of getting your hands on a valuable vintage motor are obvious, but there’s something about discovering a lost gem – almost like finding buried treasure – that really captures the imagination of car lovers.

In this collection of stories told to journalist Tom Stewart, various car collectors recount their memories of their favourite ‘classic finds’. This includes a Porsche 911 left unused for years in a garage in Milan, a collection of 150 cars by the side of a quiet road in Cannes and a Mercedes sunk into the ground and dug out with pick-axes!

Accompanied by unique photos of the cars in question, this is the story of eight classic car finds.


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