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Jaguar’s New Original XKSS Debuts in Los Angeles


jaguar new xkss

My first sighting of Jaguar’s XKSS was at a show in Chelsea a few years ago, it was black and sounded like it was on open headers, the thing looked and sounded incredible. I was hooked.

The XKSS is generally accepted to be the first supercar, a road going version of the famous and successful racer the D-Type. Unfortunately nine XKSSs destined for the States were lost in a fire at Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory in the Midlands in 1957. These new cars being built are to replace the lost cars.

Faithful to the 1957 car, these ‘continuation’ XKSS are magnesium alloy bodied and supplied with a 262hp 3.4 litre straight six engine with new block and head and Weber carbs. Using modern scanning techniques the skilled engineers at Jaguar Classic were able to exactly reproduce chassis.  The only modernisations are a few safety related items.


The New Original Jaguar XKSS will set you back over £1,000,000 but there are only nine being built so I’m sure you will be paying a fair bit more to get hold of one.

The debut was in Los Angeles’ Petersen Museum today.


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