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London City Concours Exotic Classics And Supercars

Porsche 918 At City Concours London 2017

City Concours, set right in the heart of the City, at the Honourable Artillery Company. It’s one of those hidden away paradise islands, unseen, yet slap bang in the centre of the City.

You walk in past the security and find yourself in front of a large Georgian house with a vast five-acre lawn spread out before you. The perfectly maintained lawn sprinkled with the most exotic Supercars from all eras.

Endurance Racers At City concours 2017

Aston Martin Valcan At The City Concours 2017

An Aston Martin Vulcan (above) growled past me at Goodwood Festival of Speed a couple of years ago, impressive, but I hadn’t realised how extreme this car is. There’s the styling, no hiding that, not much at all on the car that isn’t carbon fibre but the cockpit is out and out racer, no taking Granny to the shops in this.

Aston Martin Vulcan Interior

The show was far from just modern supercars though, top notch classics were out in force. Some were of the expected variety, Alfas, Ferraris (288GTO was gorgeous, as was the 275 GTB ‘Short Nose’ others, however, were of the only seen in books variety, the AstonMatrin DB5 Shootingbrake and the Jaguar XKR15 for example.

Alfa Romeo At The City Concours 2017

Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake Shooting

Jaguar XJSS

BMW M1 At City Concours 2017

The reimagined/remastered/continuations were out in force too. I wasn’t expecting to like the David Brown Remastered Mini, but it is kind of fun and faithful the original, even though it has an InCar System display the size of an iPad.

David Brown Mini Remastered

Jaguar E-Type

Singer Porsche 911 

A few more photos…Bugatti EB110Ferrari 512BB


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