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PHOTOS: Waterloo Classics October Meetup

Waterloo Classics October 2017

Other than battling through Central London traffic, midday on a Saturday, Waterloo Classics is pretty easy to get to, close to Waterloo Station. You can even park fairly close by if you don’t mind parking on the road and a short walk. We parked on Lambeth Road and walked through Archbishop’s Park.

Lower Marsh is a semi-pedestrianised market street with a mix of boutique coffee shops (very handy and great coffee) and independent retailers straight out of the 70’s. And then there is an Iceland right in the middle, which kinda messes up the photos.

The Meetup runs between 12:00 and 16:00 on the third Saturday of every month. In 2018 missing just January and February.

Waterloo Classics Mercedes October 2017

The atmosphere is relaxed, owners are more than willing to chat about their cars. I’ve only been a couple of times and the cars attending are an eclectic mix, there were only a couple of cars that were also at the previous event, so worth attending regularly.

Favourites for me this month, were an Alfasud (below) with a period body kit 1.7ltr Sprint engine, the Mercedes saloon above and obviously great to see a very well spec’d C-Type Jag. Also from the Urban Ricer section (Yes, there is an Urban Ricer Section), the BMW Z4 (I think) looked great and ready for action.

BMW Z4 Waterloo Classics 2017

Alfasud at Waterloo Classics October 2017

The Austin Healey 100/4 below was a stunningly good looking car, de-bumpered, lightened, alloy head and disc brakes and a whole load of other mods I can’t remember. The owner, to the right, clearly enjoyed driving this car and in his words “.. was designed to put a smile on your face.” Mission accomplished.

Austin Healey 100/4 at Waterloo Classics October 2017

Austin Healey 100/4 Waterloo Classics October 2017

A few more photos:


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