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Rare B.A.T. Alfa Romeos Displayed At Phillips London

Three incredibly rare, B.A.T Alfa Romeos are on display at Phillips in Berkley Square, London 20th-23rd November.

The cars are a collaboration between designer Franco Scaglione and design house Bertone.

These are B.A.T. 5 B.A.T. 7 and B.A.T. 9. All three cars were built in the mid-fifties. Based on the Alfa Romeo 1900 SS, sporting a five-speed box, the cars are low drag with a top speed of around 125mph.

B.A.T. 7

The name B.A.T comes from the project name Berlina Aerodinamica Tecnica, although certain caped a crusaders might assume it was designed for them. B.A.T. 7 was at one point de-finned and raced before being restored.

B.A.T. 5
B.A.T. 9

This collection represents an important milestone in automotive design, which really put Bertone on the map. Quite rightly they are getting a lot of attention.


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