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Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb Group B Auto-Union Photos Review

Porsche 911 at Shelsley Walsh

Event: Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia 2016

For the first time in 14 years, both kids were on school trips at the same time. 48 hours of freedom. 10am Sunday we dropped off No.2, No.1 already in Berlin. We were off, a mad dash to Shelsley Walsh for their Classic Nostalgia event.
Two hours later we arrived, luckily there was still stacks going on. It was the first time I had been to this historic Hillclimb (The oldest race track in the world), buried deep in the Worcestershire countryside.

Group B At Shelsley Walsh

On arrival through the entrance, you are presented with the start line to the right and the paddocks to your left. I was struck by the amount of people there, racers, crews and enthusiasts all happily mingling. Cars were lining up for their turn to blast up the hill, warming their tyres with dramatic burnouts up to the line. Adjacent to the paddock, a strip of grass was home to 25 Group B rally cars.

Auto Union At Shelsley Walsh 2016

Along with the 25 Group Bs, the star of the event was the Auto Union Type C (above) and of course the guest of honour, 2 times Le Mans winner and former Formula 1 driver Hans-Joachim Stuck. Hans raced the Grand Prix car at the hill climb 80 years after his father (Hans Stuck Senior) competed in the same event in the same car at Shelsley Walsh. The 16 litre, 500bhp monster, with distinctive dual tyre/wheel at either end of the rear axle can reach 220mph on those super skinny tyres!

Hans, said: “This place and these crowds are absolutely magical and I won’t be shy with you, I actually had tears in my eyes coming back down from my first run – just thinking about my father doing the very same thing in the same car those many years ago.”

“My reception here this weekend has been simply wonderful and I am delighted to have been able to put on a show with this famous car for so many people who have all shown such interest, enthusiasm and appreciation.”

The Auto Union Type C is loved and tended by Audi Tradition.

Photos: Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia










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