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Waterloo Classics Monthly Meetup

Porsche 911 At Waterloo Classics
I’ve been meaning to get down to Waterloo for Waterloo Classics monthly meetup for ages. I can’t believe it’s been going for two years. The meetup starts at midday so there is no excuse, on the third Saturday of every month (Sign up to our weekly newsletter, so you don’t forget). Waterloo is easy to get to if you’re near London, local street parking is free from 1pm too. 

Classics are parked up at the end of a semi-pedestrianised local high street, at the tail end of a small craft market (Keeps the wife and kids busy). There is a great atmosphere, owners are pleased to discuss their cars and show you around. It must be noted there are some very welcome independent coffee shops, cafes and pubs at hand.

What a great selection of cars too, everything from a one-off 1956 prototype to a beautifully prepared Mini.

1956 Prototype Racer At Waterloo Classics

Other than favourites like the Lotus Cortina, Lotus Europa, MGB et al, the star of the show was the one off prototype WB Special, seven years in the making the hand built sports car, comprised of a tubular steel frame and a low drag alloy body, with a 1220cc FWE Coventry Climax Engine, Austin Healey Sprite gearbox and a Lotus Eleven axle. Builders were Bob White and Dr John Best. The cars has an unusually narrow front-end track to facilitate slight understeer and improve turning circle. 

WP Special At Waterloo Classics

WP Special At Waterloo Classics

Waterloo Classics

Lotus Europa S2 At Waterloo Classics

MGB Roadster at Waterloo Classics


Aston Martin At Waterloo Classics

Volvo At Waterloo Classics

Lotus Cortina At Waterloo Classics


Waterloo Classics

Waterloo Classics

Waterloo Classics

Waterloo Classics


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